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Interview with Frederick van Oudenhoven on changing food traditions in the Pamir Mountains

February 12, 2018
In an interview with Program Director of the Yale Himalaya Initiative Alark Saxena, ethnobiologist Frederik van Oudenhoven speaks about discovery through food in the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan Tajikistan.
Frederik discusses the tension between old customs and modern values in food crops of the Pamiri people. After his five-year journey into Pamiri food culture, he presents a mostly undocumented body of orally transmitted knowledge about agriculture, spirituality, trade, medicine, and migration.
Originally from the Netherlands, Frederik now works with local and indigenous farming communities on the defense of traditional food systems in the Pamir region. In 2016, his book with Jamila Haider “With our own hands, a celebration of food and life in the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan” won the Gourmand Award for “world’s best cookbook.”
This video was recorded in November 2016.
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