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Yale Himalaya Team

Mila Dorji's picture
Designer and Coordinator

Mila Dorji is a sophomore at Yale studying neuroscience and global health. Raised in Bhutan and California, Mila aims to continue exploring the Himalayas through his involvement in YHI programs, emergency medical fieldwork, and research activities. His passions include surfing, rock climbing, photography, and filmmaking. He speaks English, Dzongkha, Hindi, and Spanish and follows Vajrayana Buddhist and Jewish practice. On campus, he helps lead the Yale Water Polo Team, Photography Society, and Himalayan Students’ Association.

Amanda Mei's picture
Media Coordinator

Amanda Mei is a senior at Yale College. As an Environmental Studies major, she is pursuing research on the sustainability of intentional communities. In spring 2017, Amanda traveled to India and Nepal for independent study and volunteer work. She is interested in the Indo-Tibetan Himalayas as well as traditions of yoga and meditation. She enjoys traveling, writing, playing the piano, and layout design.

Bhartendu Pandey's picture

Series Coordinator

Bhartendu a native of Kumaon region in the Himalayas, is a Doctoral Student at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Bhartendu is an expert in remote sensing and geographic information science. He is interested in using these tools with analytical models to understand the urban and environmental sustainability paradigm. His past research has studied urban land expansion and related land-cover dynamics in India and China. Within Himalayas, he is interested in the patterns and drivers of rural-to-urban migrations and associated environmental consequences. Bhartendu is keen on bringing his research experience to be applied to new projects in YHI.