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Rajesh Thadani

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Alumni Representative to the YHI Steering Committee

Rajesh Thadani did his MFS and Ph.D at the School of Forestry and Environmental studies. Rajesh is a forest ecologist who works on the oak-pine ecosystem in the central Himalaya. He is particularly interested in the impacts of human induced disturbance on this ecosystem and is also working on issues related to ecosystem services and climate change. 

Thadani has worked extensively in the development sector and was the Executive Director of CHIRAG (1999-2004), one of the largest grassroots NGOs in the Indian Himalaya.  He is currently the Executive Director of the Center for Ecology Development and Research (CEDAR)—a research based NGO—and an Advisor to the Sir Ratan Tata Trust, a prominent Indian philanthropic organization.  He is currently working with NGOs both in the eastern and western Himalaya.  Rajesh is also a director at the Carbon Disclosure Project India, a company that aims to accelerate unified action on climate change, and is the Managing Director of a manufacturing company in the FMCG sector.