Yale Himalaya Initiative

environment | livelihood | culture


At Yale

Support undergraduate and graduate study about the Himalaya:

  • course development and enrichment
  • support of extracurricular activities
  • develop resources for training in Himalayan languages (especially Nepali and Tibetan)
  • develop study abroad opportunities (summer and semester)
  • develop catalogues and coordinated access to Himalayan resources in the libraries

Facilitate collaboration between faculty members across the disciplines at Yale

  • regular seminar series throughout the semester
  • special workshops and conferences
  • access to new funding opportunities through interdisciplinary collaboration

In the Himalaya

  • build upon existing partnerships between Yale faculty/students and Himalayan research institutes and NGOs to develop broad-based research agendas and methodologies to yield scholarly and practical outputs relevant to all
  • develop new partnerships
  • facilitate workshops and conferences to bring diverse scholars based across the region together around themes of interdisciplinary and transregional interest