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Yunnan Minzu University 
3 Yuhua-Pianqu, Chenggong District
Kunming, Yunnan Province
Zip code: 650500
Tel: +86 871-659-13973
Fax: +86 871-659-17778

Accommodation options:

  • Maple Palace Hotel (university owned hotel, rating 3-4 stars) University rates: 280RMB/night. Web: http://www.ljhotel.cn/index.php 


  • University international students housing may be available, rates 40-80RMB/night


  • Yuhua Hotel (new hotel, non-university owned hotel, nearby). Daily rates: 380RMB600RMB. Web: http://t5830047776501291.5858.com/


YMU has at least 10-15 cafeterias besides the restaurants in the hotels. Highly recommend to use the university cafeterias to experience multi-cultural, multi-ethnic students life on campus.

Note: Yunnan Minzu University will subsidize Yale students’ housing or hotel stay.