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Bibek Basnet is a sophomore at Yale University majoring in Economics and Mathematics. After completing his International Baccalaureate Diploma from England in 2014, he attended Hotchkiss School, CT before joining Yale as a class of 2019. Born and raised in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, Bibek is passionate about environmental sustainability and climate change. He aims to continue his love and ties with the Himalayas through his involvement in YHI programs and research activities. 

Bibek is fluent in Nepali, English, and Hindi.  He has a good understanding of Spanish and Chinese. Bibek spent summer 2016 in Beijing learning the Chinese language at International University of Business and Economics as a recipient of Richard U. Light Fellowship from Yale University.

At Yale, he is part of Yale Cricket team, Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investment Group, and Yale Roosevelt Institute. He loves playing soccer and supports Manchester United Football Club.

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Series Coordinator

Bhartendu a native of Kumaon region in the Himalayas, is a Doctoral Student at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Bhartendu is an expert in remote sensing and geographic information science. He is interested in using these tools with analytical models to understand the urban and environmental sustainability paradigm. His past research has studied urban land expansion and related land-cover dynamics in India and China. Within Himalayas, he is interested in the patterns and drivers of rural-to-urban migrations and associated environmental consequences. Bhartendu is keen on bringing his research experience to be applied to new projects in YHI.

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Lect Sch of For & Env Stu; Assoc Rsrch Sci/Scholar Sch of For & Env Stu

Alark Saxena is the Program Director of Yale Himalaya Initiative and a Lecturer at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  Alark is a social-ecologist who is interested in questions associated to sustainability, resilience and livelihood using a systems approach.  His current research is focused in India and Nepal. In India, Alark is developing a complex model to evaluate livelihood resilience of forest based communities. Within Himalayas, Alark is modeling the impacts of tourism on local livelihood and culture in the Sagarmatha National park, Nepal. Himalayas have been a part of Alark’s life since his teenage days. In his new positon Alark looks forward to strengthening old and forging new relationships between Yale and the Himalayan region.